>1741 Osborn 38127BLT 8/22  North Watkins & Whitney- North on Watkins, Left on Alta Vista, Right on Kimner, Right on Osborn 3BR 1BA CHA  BRICK Living Room, Dining Room, 1 Car Garage $695.00
>4072 Cliffdale St 38127 S 8/19  Mountain Terrace & Wellons- Left on Wellons, Left on Cliffdale 3BR 1BA CHA BRICK Living Room, Dining Room, Den, Eat-In Kitchen, 2 Car Carport $675.00
>1673 Gowan Drive 38127BLT 8/15  Frayser Blvd & North Watkins- North on North Watkins, Left at Gowan 4BR 2BA CHA BRICK Living Room, Dining Room, Patio, Carport $895.00
>3230 Riney Street 38127BLT 8/13  North Watkins & Frayser Blvd, East on Frayser Blvd, Left on Riney 3BR 2BA CHA BRICK Living Room, Dining Room, Den $725.00

>1336 Haywood Ave 38127M 8/9  From I240 Exit at Watkins, Left on Frayser Blvd, Right on Steele, Left on Haywood 3BR 1BA CHWU BRICK Living Room, Dining Room $550.00
>1625 Roosevelt Avenue 38127BLT 7/30  North Watkins & Delano- North on North Watkins, Left on Delano 3BR 2BA CHA BRICK Den with Fireplace, Dining Room, 2 Car Carport $750.00

>1430 Whitney Avenue 38127 BLT 7/30  From North Watkins, West on Whitney 3 2 CHA BRICK Living Room/Dining Room Combo, Den, Eat-In Kitchen, Carport $750.00
>2160 Cassie 38127R 7/25  Frayser Blvd & Overton Crossing- North on Overton Crossing, Right on Cassie 3BR 2BA CHWU BRICK Living Room, Dining Room $595.00
>4231 Coventry 38127S 7/5  North on Rangeline, West on Hawkins Mill, North on Argonne, West on Coventry 3BR  1BA CHA BRICK Den, Eat-In Kitchen, Hardwood Floors, Carport $695.00
>3254 Madewell 38127R 6/8  Millington & Frayser-East on Frayser, Right on Madewell 3BR 1BA CHA FRAME Den $495.00 
>2149 Chattering Lane 38127S 6/8  Overton Crossing & Hawkins Mill- East on Hawkins Mill, Right on Chattering Lane 3BR 1BA CHA BRICK Eat-In Kitchen, Hardwood Floors $650.00

>1936 The Elms 38127M 5/23  Whittney & Overton Crossing- South on Overton Crossing, Right on The Elms 2BR 1BA  BRICK Living Room, Dining Room $550.00

>3693 University 38127M 5/14 8DHMR Overton Crossing & Frayser BLVD- West on Frayser BLVD, Left on University 3BR 1BA CHA BRICK Great Room with Fireplace, 1 Car Carport $725.00

>4475 Rangeline 38127R 2/7  Rangeline & Hawkins Mill- North on Rangeline 2BR 1BA CHWU FRAME Living Room, Dining Room $425.00 
>720 Frayser St. 38127 M  3/21  Thomas & Marsh- North on Thomas, Left on Marsh, Right on Benjestown, Right on Frayser 2BR 1BA CHA FRAME Living Room, 1 Car Garage $525.00
>2166 Cassie 38127 3/1  Frayser BLVD & Overton Crossing- North on Overton Crossing, Right on Cassie 3BR 1BA CHWU BRICK Living Room, Dining Room $495.00
>3395 Edgar 38127M 2/3 8M Overton Crossing & Frayser Blvd- East on Frayser Blvd, Left on University, Right on Cassie, Right on Edgar 3BR 1BA CHWU BRICK Living Room, Den, Breakfast Room $650.00
>4220 Beacon Hills 38127M 2/1 3J St. Elmo & Rangeline- North on Rangeline, Left on East Wellons, Right on Wagon Wheel Drive, Left on Durham, Right on Beacon Hills 3BR 1BA CHWU BRICK Living Room, Dining Room $495.00
>4401 Suncrest 38127R 9/13  Rangeline & Hawkins Mill- West on Hawkins Mill, Right on Suncrest 3BR 1BA CHWU FRAME Den $400.00
>947 Par 38127M   Thomas & Frayser Blvd- Left on Frayser Blvd, Right on Dawn Drive, Left on Par 3BR 1BA WHFF FRAME Huge Den $575.00
>3790 Argonne 38127M (TO BE KEYED) 7/29  North Watkins & Frayser Blvd, North on  N. Watkins, Right on Burnham, Left on Argonne 3BR 2BA CHWU BRICK Living Room, Dining Room $725.00
>2054 Pueblo 38127 M  3/30 8, GH Frayser Blvd & Overton Crossing- North on Overton Crossing,  Left on Pueblo 3BR 1BA CHA BRICK Living Room, Den,  $595.00